• About the Author

    William Peregoy is not quite average…

    In high school, when other students were buying their first cars, he built one. From the frame up.

    When he turned 18, his birthday present to himself was opening his first business.

    In college, he spent much of his time travelling all over the country and running two different businesses. He rarely even bought textbooks.

    While other students couldn’t wait to attend the big football games, he collected as many tickets as possible, sold them (making enough profit to pay for tuition), and happily watched the games on TV.

    When he joined an equities trading firm, he was told it took the average trader 6-9 months to be profitable. He said he could do it in 3 months. He did.

    When feeling a bit overweight in his mid-20′s, he started an intensive work-out and diet program and lost 40 lbs in 4 months, returning to his high school weight.

    When he was told it takes over 120 hours to study for the GMAT to achieve a 700+ score, he said he could do it within about 60 hours of studying. He logged 65 hours total, and scored a 740.

    He completed an MBA degree in one-year, when most take 2 years to complete. While doing so, he graduated near the top of the class, ran several events as the Vice President of the largest and most influential organisation on campus, and was voted in the yearbook by his peers as “The Last Guy to Leave the Bar, Any Bar”… (hey, what can I say? work hard, play hard!)

    With this site and his writings, William Peregoy has set out to continue to challenge conventional wisdom, learn how to learn, and improve efficiency and success in both business and life. He has a background in equities trading, entrepreneurship, and strategy consulting; has lived in 6 different countries;  and has a Bachelor’s in Corporate Communication from The University of Texas, and an MBA from Hult International Business School.