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    Don’t Bet Against Apple Yet

    by • September 16, 2013 • Business , Finance 0 Comments


    Apple’s stock price has been sliding. Down almost 50% from its peak. Analysts have cut estimates and changed their forecasts. Apple recently announced a new stock incentive plan for CEO Tim Cook. One than only offered more down-side risk to him and nothing beneficial. Cook was all for it. Some are worried that Apple’s...

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    The Polyglot Approach to Learning…And, Where I Currently Stand in 14 Languages

    by • August 1, 2013 • Building Skills , Languages , Learning New Skills 2 Comments


    The truth of the matter is that actual mastery takes time. Yes, there’s the Anders Ericsson research into 10,000, as discussed before . But, that’s actual mastery. World class mastery. Of a wide field. All-encompassing in a particular subject. What does that even mean? It’s often too vague for most of us to comprehend....

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    by • July 24, 2013 • Productivity

    “These days, I make a huge mistake every day. I start off with the loop: e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, my Amazon rank, my blog stats, my blog comments. Claudia asks me, ‘Did you finish the loop yet?’ And I think it will only take a few seconds but it probably actually takes about twenty minutes....

    The 3 Types of Practice: How Efficient Is Your Learning?

    by • July 19, 2013 • Learning New Skills 0 Comments

    Anders Ericsson

    10,000 Hours Isn’t The Most Important Thing In Anders Ericsson’s Work The most well-known thing that comes out of Anders Ericsson’s work research is the often-quoted 10,000 Hours Rule: the amount of deliberate practice it takes to reach world-class mastery in something. The 10,000 Hours Rule is also often attributed, incorrectly, to Malcolm Gladwell...

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