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    by • April 2, 2013 •


    If you are like most of us…

    you sometimes look around and think to yourself, “I thought I would be further along by now”…

    There are loads of things you wanted to do in life, you meant to do… but you just never got around to completing them? Why? And what about the people who do seem to achieve everything they set out to achieve? What makes them so different?

    A few years ago, I found myself asking those very same questions. So, I set out to figure out the answers.

    I researched common human problems we all face like time management, procrastination, motivation, and even health, money, and well-being. I travelled to all over the world and met with top executives from well-known companies like Facebook, Google, McKinsey, and plenty of others to find out what has made them successful in their careers. I took on loads of professional projects and studied the team dynamics and the characteristics of motivation and success.

    And, I studied the failures. The high school quarterback who was ranked as one of the best in the nation going into college recruiting season only to struggle through his Sophomore year and eventually disappear from the sport. The college grads who were recruited by the top firms in their industry, aced all of their interviews and got the job, yet fizzled out after two years and wound up moving back home with their parents, lost and confused about what was next. What went wrong when there was so much promise?

    And through all of this research I discovered a few secrets .

    Secrets to motivation and time management.
    Secrets that will allow you achieve all of things you’ve always wanted to. Whether its:

    • Learning a new language
    • Building a new skill
    • Acing that next test
    • Getting in the best shape of your life
    • Increasing your income
    • Achieving success in your relationships or personal life
    • Or, maybe just freeing up more time
    • Possibly even traveling the world

    See, all of these things, as different as they may seem, are more interrelated than we ever imagined. Unlocking a few core principles, or the “secrets” I mentioned earlier, and applying them to any aspect of your life can grant you success that you’ve previously only dreamed about. These are the secrets of the truly successful. The things the top performers already know.

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    The best thing about this information is it doesn’t matter how smart you are or innately talented you are. It doesn’t matter how well you did you did in school or how many times you stubbled and failed trying to achieve these things in the past. If you truly desire success and follow the principles I will introduce to you in the newsletter – you can achieve your wildest dreams! No matter what your past experience entails.

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