• Don’t Be Perfect

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    "Perfect is... blah blah blah blah.."

    This ain’t Friday Night Lights. You’re not Billy Bob Thorton. Forget the “perfect” shit. I once knew a girl in college who was a perfectionist. Every time she had a paper due, she had this vision of what a perfect paper would look like. She’d write a paper and if it wasn’t perfect. She’d...

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    Write With Me. Learn With Me.

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    Write with Me

    I’ve decided to invite a few of you all to join me… If you saw my post last week, you know that I’m now focused on sitting down and writing everyday. This includes doing the following: Writing 3 pages of uninterrupted thought (The Morning Pages) Copying out by hand some of my favorite and/or...

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    College for Free: How to Be a Genius

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    Freshman year at UT, I knew a couple of guys who didn’t attend the school, but were on campus everyday. We kind of thought they were weird, didn’t necessarily respect them, but we talked to them, because we found it funny. Interesting. They were mainly there – to just pick up college girls. Guys...

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    by • May 1, 2013 •

    “We think of success as only measured by your money. / But, money never lasts. / In fact, it’s only last / on the list of impactful things you can ask for / …So, with that – we need us a plan…” – Wale, The Perfect Plan Welcome to The Many Faces of Success Interview...